FG stands

FG stands  is the abbreviation of Frequency Generator. It is called square wave or F00 wave. It is a square waveform generated while the fan rotates one cycle. Its signal frequency follows the fan rotating. With this function, your electric control circuit can always read the fan rotation, and then monitor the fan operation.


FG stands for Frequency Generator (or Feedback Generator), it has an output with a frequency proportional to the fans speed. It is used by the CPU to determine the fans speed.

Some (older) fans have an extra winding internally and the FG signal is a sinusoid with both amplitude and frequency proportional to fan speed.

Modern fans almost exclusively use a Hall-Effect sensor and the signal is an open-collector square-wave signal where the frequency is proportional to fan speed. Peak voltage is determined by the magnitude of the power supply that feeds the pull-up resistor.


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Post time: Mar-30-2023